A different English lesson – 10A

There are many ways in which to learn English – and today the students in 10A discovered a new method! We all know that sticking to the same books can at times leave everyone feeling bored stiff… and still, we all need to expand our skills so why not have fun at the same time as we continue to learn.

In order to learn and continue to develop listening and reading skills this was a very suitable lesson. The students also got to practice grammar (past/present tense) and also descriptive vocabulary.

All we needed was a sheet of plain paper for each student, a sharp pencil and a fabulous mind

This activity is fun and creative and works well for all ages. 

The involvement of the students was great – though I sometimes question their mind – having read some of the written stories ;)

The result of todays lesson is pictured in the photo below.

Well done, 10 A